Elmion Group is a private Romanian company covering the entire range of personal protective equipment from clothes, to footwear and accessories.


Our investment process has allowed us to modernize the entire production line and to employ only the best equipment in the field:



Tailoring / Embroidery / Manufacturing

In 2018 we took over a firm specialized in leather goods, where we are currently producing different accessories used in the welding process.


The latest technical features help us provide a full array of personal protective equipment and allow us to become a trusted partner for companies looking to create a safe environment for their employees.

Over 25 years of experience in manufacturing work safety equipment.

Annual production output: 200.000 items of clothing and 700.000 accessories.

Business partners in all fields.

Personalized offers depending on the size of your team.

Our experience, product quality, all-encompassing and prompt services, as well as our international certifications are the foundation upon which we have built an extensive portfolio and long-term business relationships.