In order to provide our partners with personal protective equipment that contributes to building a safe work environment and to guarantee quality that is engineered to protect, Elmion is a ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified company.


the international standard that certifies the compliance of quality management system requirements. ISO9001 certifies companies prove consistency in providing products and services that fulfill regulatory requirements.


the international standard that certifies compliance of environmental management system requirements. This system is defined by the management activities of environmental factors, compliance and risk and opportunities assessment.

From work equipment and protective footwear to head, eyes, respiratory and ear gear, our products meet the highest quality and safety standards according to the list below.


EN11611 A1+A2:

protective equipment for welding. Covers two levels of spatter and radiant heat.

EN11612: A1+A2, B1,C1, E2, F1:

protective equipment against heat and flames.


protective equipment with antistatic properties that allows for a grounding effect and eliminates the risk of incendiary discharges.

EN 13034:

protective equipment against liquid chemicals.

IEC 61482-2:

protective equipment against thermal hazards in working with a live electric arc.


protective, breathable, wind and waterproof equipment.

EN ISO 14116:

protective equipment against heat and flame.


protective equipment specially designed for working process that happen in low temperatures.

EN ISO 20471

high visibility protective equipment.


specifies general performance requirements for ergonomics, safety, size designation, ageing, compatibility and protective clothing markings.




EN ISO 20345:

protective footwear. Includes protection for mechanical and thermal risks, slip resistance and presents ergonomic behavior.

EN 352-2:

ear protective equipment (headphones, plugs and muffs) used in working conditions that present loud noises that can lead to hearing loss and auditory problems in the long term.

EN 140:

respiratory protective equipment. Tested for inward leakage, breathability, flammability and the mechanical tightness of valves and connections.


EN388/2016 D:

protective gloves. Resistant to tearing, abrasions, cuts, punctures and impact.

EN407(2003) 4.1.3.x.4.x:

protective gloves. They protect the hands from thermal risks: burns, contact heat, convective heat, radiating heat, liquid metal droplets.

EN 374-1:

protective gloves. Protect hands from 18 known chemicals and micro-organisms.

EN 374-3:

protective gloves. Prevent chemical permeability in the case of continuous contact.

EN 388:

protective gloves. Resistant to abrasions, cuts, ruptures and punctures.

EN 407(X1XXXX):

protective gloves. Resistant to cuts, double insulation.

EN 12477: 2001+ A1:2005 tip A:

protective globes used in welding and auxiliary processes. Resistant to abrasions, cuts, ruptures, punctures, burns, thermal agents, liquid metal droplets.



UV filtered eye protection. Protects the eyes from exposure to ultraviolet rays during work activities.


eye protective equipment that meets the mechanical and optical characteristics to reduce sunlight glare in industrial activities.

EN 175:

eye protective equipment for welding activities and auxiliary activities. Protects again optical radiation and incendiary, mechanical, electrical and ergonomic risks.


eye protective equipment that protects the eyes in the case of work-related accidents.

EN 379:

eye protective equipment with automatic welding filters that change light transmission to a predetermined value once the welding ark is turned on.


EN 50365:

protective head gear, provides electrical insulation, is used in working in high voltaic conditions (up to 1000 Vac or 1500 Vdc).

EN 812:

protective head gear against physical impact (bumps caused by low ceilings or hanging objects).