Personal protective equipment

Protects the wearer from impact, electrical, thermal, chemical accidents without affecting mobility.

Protective footwear

Protects the feet with the help of steel toes, Kevlar and hardened leather from accidents that can occur during work activities.

Head protection

Protects in case of collisions and considerably reduces the impact of head trauma in the case of a work-related incident.

Hearing protection

Protects ears from intense noises and reduces risk of hearing loss and other afflictions: tinnitus, vertigo.

Hand protection

Protects hands from cuts, chemical burns, abrasions, crushing, and contact with biohazardous materials, without impacting mobility.

Eye protection

Protects in the event of physical impact or contact with dust and chemical substances. Can be worn over prescription glasses.

Respiratory protection

Protects the respiratory system from exposure to dust, steam, gases, smoke, vapors and spray, and prevent long-term lung damage.